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FEBS congress, Jerusalem, Israel

Posted: 14.09.2017

Ivan Podkorytov, Sevastyan Rabdano, Olga Rogacheva, Kerstin Kaempf and Dmitri Luzik attended the FEBS congress in Jerusalem, Israel.

Kerstin Kaempf presented short oral talk “Local and global dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins: a case study of H4 histone tail”.

Ivan Podkorytov presented poster “Detection of flexible portion of protein chain in Sup35NM amyloid fibrils by means of diffusion-filtered NMR experiment”.

Sevastyan Rabdano presented poster “Characterizing the Size of Protein Aggregate Particles Using a Combination of NMR Diffusion Measurements and Dynamic Light Scattering: Case Study of RRM2 Domain from Protein TDP-43”.

Olga Rogacheva presented poster “New linear interaction between charged lysine side chain and carbonyl group in protein structures”.

Dmitry Luzik presented poster “Non-native disulfide bridges in protein-peptide complex and in protein homodimers trigger unfolding and aggregation”.

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