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15-th International School-Conference Magnetic resonance and its applications Spinus 2018

Posted: 01.04.2018

Sergey Izmailov, Sevastyan Rabdano, Nikolai Skrynnikov, Boris Kharkov and Vladislav Salikov took part in the 15th international school-conference “Magnetic Resonance and Its Applications, Spinus” held on April 1-6, 2018.

Sergey Izmailov presented the report “EPR spectra simulation from MD data using Redfield theory and direct propagation method”.

Sevastyan Rabdano presented the report “Dynamic modes in spin-labeled protein revealed by MD simulations: experimental and computed EPR spectra”.

Nikolai Skrynnikov presented the lecture “Many faces of disulfide bond”.

Boris Kharkov presented the report “Skin-Effect Compensated Optimal Control Pulses for Excitation in a Conductive Medium”.

Vladislav Salikov presented the poster “Optimization of bacterial expression of MdmX N-terminal domain for NMR studies”.

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